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WVEA Elections

A Chance to Move Forward

Delegate Assembly is WVEA's annual convention. Every year, locals elect a set number of delegates to attend and vote on a variety of topics that will improve the union.

One of those topics is the election of WVEA leadership.

The following leadership positions are up for election:

- President

- Vice President

- Executive Committee (x3)

West Virginia United has been working diligently since September 2018 to build rank-and-file capacity.

Now, we hope that you will know where we stand on the issues and what type of union we hope to build. We are asking that WVEA delegates look over our platform and our candidate slate so that they can make an informed decision about who we are and what we want to see our association become.

In Solidarity,

West Virginia United Steering Committee

Click on the dropdown above or here to see our platform.

See the coverage of our run for leadership from The Progressive Magazine - The Growing Power of West Virginia's Teachers.


Caucus Members with Diane Ravitch at our Two-Year Red-for-Ed Strike Anniversary Celebration

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