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WV United is a caucus of rank-and-file members in AFT-WV and WVEA.

We are proud union members committed to quality public education, strong wages and benefits for all of our state's education personnel, and a sustainable funding source to fund public education that does not come on the backs of the working class of this state.

We are committed to five core principles:

  1. Worker Empowerment: Unions are the best voice for workers. Through our unions, we, as workers, are poised to gain better conditions for ourselves and the communities we serve. Unions are strongest when they empower their rank-and-file members, who can take an active part in the functioning of their union itself.

  2. Solidarity Unionism: We believe that "an injury to one is an injury to all." Only by working together - across counties, workplaces, and unions - will we truly make change. Rank-and-file members must unite together, for a common interests, guided by our shared sense of solidarity.

  3. Progressive Taxation: Funding for PEIA, public schools, wages, benefits, and all state agencies should not come out of the pockets of the working-class. We are committed to fighting for a future of our state that funds vital public services through progressive taxation methods - natural gas severance tax, corporate net income tax, and other measures that are non-regressive in nature.

  4. Social Justice Unionism: Fighting for justice means maintaining strong relationships with parents, communities, and other labor organizations. We believe our unions must be advocates for not only our members, but the communities with which we interact each and every day.

  5. Grassroots Democracy: Our power comes from the bottom-up - from thousands of workers coming together to fight for a better West Virginia. We advocate for a more democratic structure within our unions through this caucus. All union members are equal to one another. Our power comes through our solidarity, not our titles.

Your organization is not a praying institution. It's a fighting institution.... Pray for the dead and fight like hell for the living.

Mary Harris "Mother" Jones 

Our Mission

We are a caucus of rank-and-file members dedicated to helping create a more democratic, member-run union, whose purpose is to help empower communities and workers around a common set of ideas.

Our Mission
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