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Leslie Haynes

Executive Committee

A transplant from New York in 1996, Leslie grew up with solid family ties in the Finger Lakes Region and always knew she wanted to be a teacher, despite exploring unusual occupations, such as a forensic laboratory assistant and social worker for a high-poverty elementary school.


Every position she has ever held has helped to develop a strong sense of professional ethics, allowing her to understand the challenges that so many of us face, and creating an intrinsic need to learn as much as she can about every facet of education – from families to pedagogy to statistics to inquiry to practice and beyond – in order to best serve our profession.

Since relocating to West Virginia, the WVEA has become her family. She has watched the ebbs and flows in education and has continuously learned each year.


Leslie decided to run for Executive Committee because in listening to our rank and file members, she's hearing frustration that their voices are either not being heard, or disappointment that they are feeling ignored. We are in danger of forgetting that our leadership represents the membership and does not make decisions for the membership.


Her primary goal as a member of the Executive Committee would be to cultivate an association to which members feel important, necessary, and integral, and want to become active, with a variety of experiences and viewpoints from which to draw.


Leslie would be honored to be elected by our delegates to tenaciously project the voice of our membership in those functions that affect us.


Together we can build on our successes and make West Virginia the envy of our country. She is eager to be your mouthpiece and carry on your work.

Contact Leslie: email-- drlesliehaynes [AT]

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